December 17, 2008

Final Numbers are Coming

Happy Holidays everyone!
We are still waiting for eBay to donate the proceeds to Helping Hands Ministries, Inc.  so the total amount raised is still being determined.  I can fill you in on some of the auction highlights, however!
The single item that went for the highest price was the Derek Jeter jersey. It sold for $1,925! Collectively the Yankees jerseys were the biggest selling items in the auction.  All together they sold for more than $5,300!  The Brad Ausmus game used mask was a close second behind the Jeter jersey. It sold for $1,695.  We were a little surprised by this one but our husbands tell us that it is a very unique mask...almost like a hockey goalie mask.  Plus, it was game worn which made it that much more special!  Another group of Yankees items, donated by Carl Pavano, also brought in a lot of money. The signed Yankees hats sold for more than $1,400!  I am beginning to see a pattern here.  
I have to give a special mention to all of the wonderful buyers who sent us such nice emails. We are so thankful that you supported this auction!  And of course, to all the people who donated items, this would not have been possible without you.
We will be back with more updates soon.  We wish everyone happiness and health in the coming year!

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